Four Course Bundle

A comprehensive training experience, this package walks the PIO through all of the skills and planning necessary to be a master communicator in today's rapidly changing communication environment. Course 3 coming July 2020, Course 4 coming August 2020.

Tactical & Strategic PIO Bundle

Combine both Tactical and Strategic PIO to build your mastery of the art of communication and strategic messaging.

Strategic & Crisis Communication Plan Bundle

Prepare for every event and manage your message before someone manages it for you, with this comprehensive communication plan bundle. Course 3 coming July 2020, Course 4 coming August 2020.

The Tactical PIO

Designed for every skill level, the Tactical PIO builds the foundation for transforming your role from the reactive to the tactical.

The Strategic PIO

Elevate your role from PIO to Strategic Advisor in the Strategic PIO. Learn how to master the art of message management and strategic thinking.

Strategic Communication Plan Development

If you don't have a plan are you really communicating? Learn to manage your message by developing a strategic communication plan. Coming July 2020.

Crisis Communication Plan Development

Are you ready for a crisis? Learn the skills necessary to develop a crisis communication plan before its needed! Coming August 2020.